Welcome to my site & blog! I'm a Computer Science & Statistics student at the University of Waterloo interested in machine learning and programming languages. I'm currently seeking a machine learning internship for 2021 (start date flexible).

Previously, I did deep learning research on collaborative self-driving at Uber ATG, helped improve the neural network optimization algorithm library K-FAC at Google Brain, accelerated BERT inference at NVIDIA TensorRT, and developed data-driven models to identify fraud at John Hancock Financial. I've also worked as a Research Assistant for Prof. Gautam Kamath in differential privacy, Prof. Lin Tan in deep learning-driven software analysis, and Prof. Pascal Poupart on neural network parameter learning.

Follow me on twitter, I mostly tweet about technical topics! Checkout my resources page for links to cool blog posts, talks, and other gems. Feel free to reach out through email: nicholas.vadivelu [at] gmail [dot] com.


Feb 2021

I'm currently running a course-group based on Bayesian Data Analysis by Aki Vehtari.   Join us! [discord] [problem solutions/demos]


Blog Posts

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