Collection of useful/cool links/resources/stuff. If there’s anything you think I should check out, leave a comment below!



  • VSCode Live Share, a real game-changer for pair programming.
  • Typer a super underrated python CLI building tool. For simple applications (i.e. everything I write), you can’t get more succinct than this library.
  • FastCore, useful python utilities, like typed dispatch, improved list interface, and more.
  • Tensor Sensor, visualize tensor operations for easy debugging.
  • Pylustrator, interactively create matplotlib figures.
  • Zotero, reference manager.
  • Vim Repl, a nice VIM plugin enabling cool things like this.
  • Tensors Fitting Perfectly, catch shape errors at compile time in Swift for TensorFlow.
  • FastDot, wrapper over pydot to make it more pythonic.
  • Datacrunch, v100s for $0.45/hr???
  • Chocolatey, windows package manager.
  • Altair, declarative visualizations in Python. Makes interactive plots particularly easy.
  • Finding a Good Learning Rate, 1 Cycle Learning Rate Policy for training neural networks.
  • Scalene, the best python CPU/memory profiler out there.
  • JupyterPlot, plots updated in real time in jupyter.
  • Herbie, automatically find and fix floating point issues (stability).
  • Einops, write more expressive tensor manipulations.



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